Repair Service for Appliances


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as when your appliance decides to suddenly go on strike……break down!!! These issues can be caused by your appliance not running efficiently putting stress, wear and tear on your fridge, freezer or kitchen appliance.

You work hard in your kitchen, but is your kitchen working too hard for you? To keep your refrigerator in top shape, remember to limit the number of times you open the refrigerator door. The air suction created by the action of opening the door causes the refrigerator to lose more air than if the door were left open a little longer. Also, keep the refrigerator and freezer moderately full. Cooled mass in the refrigerator and freezer helps them stay cool more efficiently.

electrical repairs

Refrigerators have to run constantly to keep your produce fresh and ice cream cold. Remember to keep the unit away from direct sunlight and heat-producing appliances. Refrigerators are designed to stay in a conditioned climate, so the excess heat will make your refrigerator work harder to keep cool. Give your refrigerator some breathing room by keeping the appliance at least two or three inches away from the wall. This allows more breathing room and better airflow around the condenser coils, which helps the refrigerator cool more efficiently.